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Alternative Energy

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Post a link to an article or website on alternative energy resources...please follow the usual format and than post a small comment...


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(Cameron Mack, cfm6@geneseo.edu, 10/02/07)


Alternative Energy




This site discusses what we went over in class.






[Dave Roberts, dlr4@geneseo.edu, 10-2]




-Good resource for information on alternative energy






[Dan McConvey, dpm5@geneseo.edu, 10-2]





- If every acre of the country's corn production was put towards ethanol production it would only cover 12% of the necessary fuel in the country. Ethanol is not a cure all but would definitely decrease petroleum use.






Alfred Dilluvio ajd12@geneseo.edu 10-2




this is an interesting article which deals with the effect of biofuel in America on China and Mexico.






[Dan Lilly, djl5@geneseo.edu 10/2]




this article discusses the changing corn market as it is increasingly being used as a fuel source






[Geni Beninati, gb3@geneseo.edu, 10/2/07]




This article brings up the fact that along with the increase in the price of corn, the prices of other crops have increased because they are more scarce due to lack of farming land given up to corn, similarly the price of animals has increased because it is more expensive to feed them.






[Elen De Oliveira, emd10@geneseo.edu, 10/3]




This article gives an in depth overview of the energy balance of corn ethanol and the recent increase in production. It covers the historry and the reasoning, beneits and argued negatives. It includes charts and graphs to show production and predicts future trends.




[Larkin Kimmerer, llk5@geneseo.edu, 10/3]




This is an opinion article about whether ethanol is the solution to the energy crisis





[Jennifer Ritzenthaler, jkr5@geneseo.edu, 10/4]




This article describes the ill effects resulting from the use of ethanol for fuel.




[Skye Naslund, sjn1@geneseo.edu, 10-4-07]




The article discusses in great detail all aspects of the use of biofuel in the United States. The article goes into great depth citing facts and figures of the types of fuel being developed as well as the government plans for their development.





[Shamiran Warda, sw11@geneseo.edu, 10/09]




This site is a great site that discusses many alternative fuels including that of corn use for fuel.





[Jonathon Baker, jlb22@geneseo.edu, 10/10]


Alternative Energy




This site describes how any farm can enjoy huge benefits from a small scale, on farm, distillery. You can make fuel for your tractors right from crops that otherwise might not be sold for whatever reason. It also talks about how even though corn is the most commonly thought of source of ethanol, switchgrass can produce nearly twice the yield.





[Lanh Nguyen, Ltn2@genesoe.edu, 10.13]

Alternative energry Source


This site explores the many alternative means of harnessing energy which have less damaging impacts on our environment. Here are some possible alternatives that aer presented: Solar, Wind Power, Geothermal, Tides, Hydroelectric.




[Steph Aquilina, sma8@geneseo.edu, 10/17]


Alternative Energy




This article discusses how the "biofuel boom" has and will continue to impact corn prices in the United States. Since industrial Mexico is so reliant on corn imports from the US for livestock feed and food processing, they will be forced to pay a much higher price for this product. Impoverished Mexicans who rely on tortillas as a major food source will not be able to afford the raised fees associated with this surge. END




[Dilek Canakci, dc11@geneseo.edu, 10/17]




This website actually saves energy becuase it uses a black background so it doesn't have to use more energy for lighter colors.




Charlie Genao cg7@geneseo.edu 10/10/07




This site talks about alternate energy resources



[Kaitlyn Northrop, krn3@geneseo.edu, 10/19]




I thought that this website was really informative because not only does it give recent articles about alternative energy sources, but it also provides information on how to use alternative energy and save on non renewable resources.




[Justin Wilmott, jmw23@geneseo.edu 12/17]



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFGiWiXMHn0 <- and example of a magnetic motor.


Creating energy from natural forces, BRILLIANT!


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