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Comments by Dr Kintz and Classmates

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 2 months ago

Dr Kintz kintz@geneseo.edu  8/29/07


At the end of the twentieth century - ethnographic film finally seems on the verge of some serious theoretical debates and a critical reexamination of film as a way of communicating anthropological knowledge!


There is widespread concern with finding solutions to the so-called crisis of representation. Since pictorial media are logically at the center of any debate about representation, it may be possible - for the first time - to bring ethnographic film into the midst of anthropological concerns.


To do so means creating a critical approach that borrows selectively from film, communication, media, and cultural studies.


The promise is the construction of a theory and practice of ethnographic film


In addition, there would be a clear demarcation between ethnographic film and other pictorial attempts to represent cultureā€¦




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